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Truth Tellers Are All Around Us

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

ATLANTA, GA (April 8, 2019) — On Saturday, April 6, more than 40 guests gathered at Atlanta’s historic Paradise Missionary Baptist Church for The Truth Teller Inc.’s first annual Advocates for Excellence Charity Luncheon. The luncheon was the non-profit’s flagship fundraising event of the year.

Advocates For Excellence Charity Luncheon

“The Truth Teller Inc. takes on the responsibility of reaching and teaching at-risk youth in the Atlanta area,” said Reverend Kenneth G. Torrence, founder and CEO of The Truth Teller Inc. “Truth tellers correct us, hold us accountable and challenge us to grow beyond what is comfortable.”

A video presentation highlighted the event—“Making Education Relevant”—a moving chronicle of the legacy of Dr. Andrew P. Torrence, after whom the Leadership Academy is named. To view the video, click here.

Mr. Ralph Boston, 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist, delivered an inspiring speech on the importance of “truth tellers.” During his career as an Olympic athlete, Mr. Boston won three Olympic medals (gold, silver, bronze) and participated in three American Olympic teams: 1960 Rome, 1964 Tokyo, and 1968 Mexico City.

“We would like to express our profound gratitude to our sponsors, donors, guests, volunteers, and to all those who worked so tirelessly to ensure the luncheon was a huge success, we thank you. The continued generosity and dedication shown to our cause has warmed our hearts and filled us with utmost gratitude,” said Reverend Torrence.

The 2019 Advocates for Excellence Charity Luncheon was made possible through the generous support of Cardiology Consultants of Atlanta, Flowering Events, Dr. Herman L. Reese, and Samantha Sims Event Planner. All proceeds from the Advocates For Excellence Charity Luncheon benefit the A.P. Torrence Youth Leadership Academy.

To view the event’s photo gallery, click here. About The Truth Teller Inc.

The Truth Teller Inc. (TTT) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity with the mission to provide support and uplift for at-risk youth. The A.P. Torrence Youth Leadership Academy is named after the founder's father, Dr. Andrew P. Torrence, former President of Tennessee State University (1968-1975) and Provost of Tuskegee University (1975-1980). The Truth Teller will accomplish its mission through mentoring, education programs and workshops designed to reach, teach and empower; thereby creating a culture shift and living legacy of future African American male leaders.



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