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The Truth Teller Inc. Welcomes the A.P. Torrence Youth Leadership Academy Class of 2019

The Truth Teller Inc. is excited to announce its graduating class of 2019 of the A.P. Torrence Youth Leadership Academy (APTYLA). Now in its 2nd year, APTYLA welcomed 10 elementary and middle school students this year, with 5 auspicious student leaders finishing the program.

“Our program requires a lot from the students in the communities we serve. Some come from backgrounds and home situations where there is no structure. What we do may be foreign to some students,” said The Truth Teller CEO and Founder Reverend Kenneth G. Torrence. “We started with five times as many; but I commend these five students for finishing what they started,” Torrence added. Initially, 23 students signed up for APTYLA.

The selected students participated in a one-week leadership immersion program focused on leadership and life skills, character building, discipline, personal responsibility and accountability, teamwork, conflict management, speaking and personal presentation skills, and self-esteem. Kicking off the program in its new location at John Lewis Invictus Academy, this group of students interacted with prominent community leaders and educators including Mr. Michael Levesque, Mr. Winston Muhammad and Mr. James “Major” Woodall. They also visited the King Center and Morehouse College—Dr. King’s alma mater. Please join us in celebrating these incredible students’ decision and commitment to growing their capacity as leaders.

To learn more about the 2019 A.P. Torrence youth Leadership Academy, click here.


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