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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Truth Teller Inc.
The Truth Teller Inc.

At The Truth Teller Inc., we share a collective desire to make a difference in the lives of African American male youth. We believe in crafting an environment that stimulates and motivates the highest ideals of manhood and public service. Through our partnership with The Grove CDC, Inc., the Eastlake Male Youth Initiative (EMYI) became a reality. We have 21 youth enrolled and 15 committed male mentors. We could not have accomplished our goals without your commitment and support.

Although there are significant disparities in educational and success outcomes for African American males, young people involved in leadership/ mentoring programs counter these trends. For EMYI, We Move Mountains is not simply a slogan. It is a promise. We Move Mountains is a belief that we can raise the trajectory of achievement for African American males, one boy at a time. As we move forward in this important milestone year of preparing youth to lead, we will continue our aggressive ascent among Atlanta's most sought after and recognized programs in youth development.

We hope you enjoy our 2019 retrospective video clip here.


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