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Updated: Jun 2, 2020


As I continue to gauge the developments in big time college athletics, I’m reminded of the University of Oklahoma football players’ words recently concerning the racist video rant of the OU Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members who were quoted as saying, “Niggers will never join SAE.” The OU linebacker correctly pointed out that these same racist white students are the same ones who run up to them and fawn and feint all over them after winning a football game. The player’s words were featured on CNN when he stated the obvious, “These same MFs who want to say racism doesn’t exist, are the same MFs that run up to us and want to shake our hands after a game.”

Although my sympathy and empathy goes out to the black athletes at OU and across the country who endure their college existence in racist environments that are unwelcoming and in some cases de-humanizing, you do still have a choice. Why not return to our HBCUs and bring back excellence in athletics to our once proud and esteemed athletic programs? Your talent will still determine your progression into the professional ranks, just like it did for the thousands of black athletes who preceded you at black colleges. Why subject yourself to the racist environment and subjugation from the oppressor’s universities? I challenge and implore you to #hbcubacktoblack (Click here to read "Back to Black"). Our HBCUs need you and would surely welcome you as prodigal sons and daughters who have come home.

Gerald Torrence is a lawyer, educator, writer, social and political activist, and motivational speaker living in Atlanta. You can find more insightful opinions from TheTruthTeller at You can follow Gerald on Twitter @tttspokentruth.



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