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Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Perennial NFL hopeful Michael Sam just made headlines again. Not for being the first openly gay player to be drafted, but for being cut again, this time by the Dallas Cowboys. Sam was released recently after a week's long stint on the Cowboys practice squad.

Although I applauded Michael Sam's induction into the NFL via its annual college football draft in May, I would applaud any young man so fortunate as to be drafted by an NFL team, regardless of sexual preference. What should sexual preference have to do with it? Is sexual preference really relevant to the conversation of whether a man has the skill to play professional football? Of course it's not, and should never be relevant. The creation of Sam the media darling, and poster child for out of the closet gay athletes is Michael Sam himself.

Sam to be sure is not the first gay man to be drafted. It’s a safe bet that scores of other anonymous gay athletes have been successful players in the NFL. So why the media and societal firestorm over Michael Sam? Well partly because Sam chose to publicly proclaim his homosexuality before the draft, and anoint himself as the latest cause celebre for out of the closet homosexual athletes. Just when it appeared that his tactic of using his gayness as a calling card may have backfired as the rounds went by without Sam being selected, late in the 7th and final round he was selected by the lowly St. Louis Rams. Was there ever any doubt? There was absolutely no chance the NFL would allow Sam to go un-drafted in its yearly showcase of college talent. Why? Because this opportunity for the NFL to brand itself as liberal and a bastion of fairness to all in this new age of enlightenment was too good to pass up.

The giant media and public relations machine that is the NFL predictably chose to pre-empt the already developing story line that "First Openly Gay Player Goes Un-drafted”, and orchestrate through use of the velvet glove Sam’s selection in the last round of the draft." Ever careful to put the proper spin on the Sam saga, subtle or not so subtle pressure was used to persuade some team, any team, to draft Sam, to avoid the public relations nightmare of having to deny that homophobia was the reason for his not being drafted.

Not even the mighty NFL could have pre-empted Sam's own carefully planned ending to the phone call from the St. Louis Rams informing him of his good fortune. There was Sam, standing tall with phone in hand being consoled by his gay lover (Caucasian) who was literally draped over the towering black giant, while Sam broke down in crocodile tears and apparent inconsolable emotion. I think Sam deserves at least an honorable mention for an Oscar caliber performance, which was topped off with a full, frontal embrace and kiss on the mouth from his beaming homosexual lover. Disgusting? I think so. I can't imagine that the NFL didn't see that kiss coming, and proceeded without a tape delay or warning to the unsuspecting public who might be offended by the sight of two grown men kissing on the mouth. Much to the NFL's chagrin, this image of two grown men kissing was plastered across the national television viewing audience for all to see. Over and over again.

Must we the viewing public who are comprised of millions of heterosexuals, be forced to endure watching these disgusting abominations, and ascent by omission to go along with the politicization and leftist movement to normalize the abnormal? Equal rights for homosexuals is one thing, but actively promoting the gay lifestyle as normal and desirable is something else. Should President Obama, the NFL, and leftist fringe movements, which are motivated by politics and the changing winds of popular opinion, be allowed to shape or destroy values concerning established principles of normalcy and morality since the beginning of time? I think not.

Gerald Torrence is a lawyer, educator, writer, social and political activist, and motivational speaker living in Atlanta. You can find more insightful opinions from TheTruthTeller at You can follow Gerald on Twitter @tttspokentruth.

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